WebAccess is a secure web interface for our customers to obtain direct access to the Bureau Veritas Upstream Minerals Laboratory database.

WebAccess is a fully compliant .NET application designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Using this system, our customers may gain access to their data any time of the day or night. In addition customers are provided access to:

  • All PDF documents pertaining to each sample submission such as the original sample submission form, certificates, invoices, and facturas (for Latin America);
  • PDF documents that apply to the project such as the pricing quote and template submission forms;
  • PDF documents that describe the analytical methods;
  • Quality Control documents reviewing standard and replicate performance.


BVM uses our secure LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) to track the flow of every sample through each stage of sample handling and analysis. When received, each sample is bar coded and labeled. This unique barcode is used to build an audit trail that documents the complete history of work performed on each sample. It includes the recording of each person that interacted with a tracking feature sample and the task that they performed. This tracking feature provides the laboratory with a very high level of control but also provides our clients with an unprecedented level of traceability.


Each bar coded sample is allocated into a bar coded sample box, typically 36 samples per box, but there could be up to several hundred per box. The barcodes allow BVM to track each box as it moves from one laboratory to another and allows our clients to monitor the progress of their samples from a remote sample preparation facility to the main laboratory. More importantly, this system speeds the flow of the samples through the laboratory to eliminate time consuming manual steps and reduce the risk of human error.

How Can I Register for Access?

Print, fill out and return the Access Request form and a client services representative will contact you about setting up an account.

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